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Let us help you with a vacation of a life time.

Amtrak Trip 2021

Orlando, Fl

Cost starting as low as $ pp

Include train, hotel, transfers, shopping tours &

FREE shuttle shopping & breakfast each morning.

Amtrak Weekend Train Trip

Tour times are subject to change.


Train Station

Arrival Time

Depart Time

May 5, Friday Morning

Florence, SC

3:00 am

May 5, Friday

Orlando, FL

12:50 pm

Free Afternoon To Shop

May 6, Saturday

Shopping at Outlets

10:00 am

5:00 pm

May 7, SundaySaturdaay

Tours & Soul Food

10:00 am

5:00 pm

Monday 8, Monday



11:30 am

Monday 8, Monday

Orlando, FL


1:30 pm

Monday 8, Monday

Florence, SC

11:00 pm


Call to see how you can go for FREE!

Buena Vista All Suites

4 Star

Orlando, FL

Chief Eddie's

Soul Food Restaurant

Shopping at about 5 outlet malls.

Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores

The Florida Mall

Mall At Millenia


School Groups, Hobby Clubs, Fraternities and Sororities, Buying Club, Cultural clubs,

Church Groups, Family Groups, Youth/Student Groups,

Team Groups, Adult Groups, Church or Religious Groups

Birthdays, Class Reunions

Office: 803-738-8006


Business Cell: 803-348-5483

Go to


Email: [email protected]

Checked Baggage Service

For your convenience, check your baggage free of charge. Amtrak offers checked baggage service at a number of stations and on many trains and Thruway Services. This service is only available to ticketed passengers whose origin and destination stations offer checked baggage. Not all trains or locations are equipped to handle checked baggage. Find your station(s) to see if checked baggage is available. 2 Bags - 50 lbs. — 75 Linear Inches*

2 Additional Bags — $20 Each

Oversize Baggage (76 - 100 Linear Inches) — $20 Each

  • Luggage must be checked 45 minutes prior to scheduled train departure.
  • Make sure you have a tag with your name and address on the outside of all your bags.
  • If checked baggage is not offered on a train/bus in your itinerary, it may be accepted on another train/bus bound for the same destination (excluding firearms). Advance check-in is recommended.
  • En-route transfers between stations will require at least two hours of scheduled layover time to avoid delays.

If you don't need to check a bag, get all the details about the carry-on items you can bring onboard and any fees that may apply. *Linear inches: length + width + height

Lounge Cars

Informal Dining Options On most medium and long-distance trains, food service is available in the Lounge Car, featuring table and casual seating. Food service is normally available from early morning until late evening, except during a few short periods as announced by the attendant. Hours of operation vary depending on train operation. On these cars, we offer a variety of carry-out style foods, including sandwiches, pizza, snacks, and beverages including liquor, wine and beer. Credit cards (MasterCard, American Express, Visa and Discover) and debit cards featuring a credit card logo are accepted for payment on all trains that offer food service.

Seating for Meals and Socializing Lounge Cars provide roomy tables and comfortable, casual seating for enjoying your meals, writing, playing a hand of cards or a board game, or just sharing time with friends, family and new acquaintances. On Superliner trains, panoramic windows on the upper level of the Lounge afford an expansive view of the passing scenery. Accessibility On some long-distance trains, people using wheelchairs may transfer to and from the Lounge Car at appropriate station stops; ask your onboard service attendant to make the necessary arrangements.

Dining Car

Most long-distance trains include a full-service Dining Car, which serves hot meals prepared onboard by trained chefs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All meals for First Class passengers, passengers with sleeping accommodations, and all Auto Train passengers (no matter which class you're traveling) are included in the price of their train ticket. Coach Class passengers may dine for an additional charge. Hours of operation of food service cars vary depending on train operation. Credit cards (MasterCard, American Express, Visa and Discover) are accepted for payment in Dining Cars on all trains that offer food service. Reservations in the Dining Car Passengers are asked to make reservations for lunch and dinner. Reservations are taken in 15-minute increments for a more pleasant dining experience, assuring passengers of receiving quality service from Amtrak staff and preventing the Dining Cars from becoming overcrowded during peak meal times. After boarding, a dining car staff member will go through the train asking passengers to select a preferred time for dining. Reservations are taken during each meal's service hours, except for breakfast. Passengers will be seated as they present themselves at the dining car. If the dining car is full, names will be taken, and passengers will be called in order from the lounge. Below are the normal service and reservation hours. Exceptions apply to certain trains.

MealService & Reservation HoursLatest Boarding Time to Receive Dining Service

Breakfast 6:30 am - 10 am (No Reservation) 9:30 am Lunch 11:30 am - 3 pm 2:30 pm Dinner 5 pm - 9:30 pm 8:30 pm

Cross Country Café City of New Orleans and Texas Eagle trains feature a unique onboard dining experience in the Cross Country Café. This bi-level car combines higher technology food and beverage preparation and service with improved ambience and atmosphere. Enjoy friendly service and meals with regional menu items, while you relax in comfortable booth seating and watch ever-changing views go by. Hoosier State Dining The Hoosier State train is equipped with a dome dining car where Business class passengers will enjoy a complementary meal during their trip along with all beverages, including spirits. Coach class passengers will have the opportunity to purchase a full meal, snacks or beverages from the dome car dining area.

Wi-Fi® Onboard

To ensure our passengers remain connected while traveling, Amtrak offers basic Wi-Fi service in select stations and trains throughout the country. Stay productive, or simply sit back and have some fun while en route to your destination. AmtrakConnect Wi-Fi - the Official Wi-Fi Network of Amtrak Delivered free of charge, this basic Wi-Fi service supports general web browsing activities. Due to limited bandwidth onboard the trains, our Wi-Fi does not support high-bandwidth actions such as streaming music, streaming video or downloading large files. Other Wi-Fi Networks Piedmont Connect Wi-Fi Wi-Fi onboard Piedmont trains is provided through the Piedmont Connect service. This network is operated and managed by a carrier other than Amtrak. Onboard Train Hosts are available to provide guidance on how to log in to the service. Terms of use and troubleshooting information can be found in the materials located onboard Piedmont trains. In Station Wi-Fi During your travels you will encounter unofficial Wi-Fi networks located in select stations that are operated and managed by carriers other than Amtrak. For information on how to connect to these networks and their terms of use, please refer to personnel or collateral located inside these stations. Thruways & Other Services While traveling on various connecting transportation services such as Thruways and other services, you will encounter unofficial Wi-Fi networks that are operated and managed by carriers other than Amtrak. For information on how to connect to these networks and their terms of use, please refer to the operator of that service.